Freelance digital designer & full-stack web developer

Travelling Digital Professional - getting things done since 2001

With 9 years’ experience as Creative Director of a small but well-formed digital agency and a further 6 years working independently, my skills are varied to say the least.

I started my career as a designer and while the main focus of my work these days is web development, my experience in many other aspects of the industry is what makes me a full-stack developer and an excellent resource for my clients - evolving business models, technical architecture, UX, graphic design, web development and server administration (RHEL, CentOS and Ubuntu).

Aside from all that, sometimes it's just the advice I can give a small business about how to manage their accounts or how to use technical tools to be more productive that means the most to them.

The main focus of my web development is WordPress Theme & Plugin development for complex/large-scale applications and MVC web application development using the CodeIgniter PHP framework.

My previous clients include some small and some very big brands – from some local Somerset cheesemakers and a neighbour who makes really good cakes to bigger names like HP, IBM, McAfee, Kensington, SAP, American Express, SusTrans and British Airways. Some examples are available in my Portfolio

I also have a side-line in timelapse photography, I run a education reporting framework called, and I like to travel (usually on a bike but sometimes in a big old army Land Rover called Mandrake).

Above all else I enjoy finding innovative solutions all kinds of problems – creative, technical, business or just plain impossible..

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